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Roman Holiday was the first American film to be made in its entirety in Italy and featured a prop that was to become an Italian icon, the Vespa Scooter.  Vespa at the Movies™ showcases films which feature the Vespa scooter as prop.  In some films for a brief second a Vespa will be noticed in the corner of the screen during other movies such as Alfie, Caro Diario and Roman Holiday it plays the role of a ‘supporting actor’.

The collection of Vespa at the Movies, Vespas making cameo appearances in movies from around the world showcases but only small sample.  Countless feature films have made the Vespa scooter one of the most recognizable props in film history. When the 1953 2 stroke Vespa scooter appearance in the romantic comedy Roman Holiday, it helped the year end sales of Vespa scooters surpass 100,000 units, leading to its iconic status.

Below is a small selection of films which feature the Vespa scooter as a prop.  For a larger collection visit the  Vespa At The Movies, at the IVESPA Forum.


Poster - Roman- Holiday-Promo-iVespa

Roman Holiday 1953



Quadrophenia 1979



Larry Crowne 2011


CARO DIARO-movie-poster-ivespa

Caro Diario Italy 1993


These features are based on contributions of material from our Readers.  iVespa wishes to thank the members for taking the time to share their ideas and opinions.


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